Visit Belgian Matters at the Biennale Interieur

Visit Belgian Matters at the Biennale Interieur

Belgian Matters, the presentation by Belgium is Design for the Milan Design Week 2016, will be shown at the Biennale Interieur, Kortrijk, Belgium (14 - 23 October), hall 1, booth 118

Thursday, October 6, 2016 — Belgium is Design asked 13 designers and companies to work together to create a new product. The companies often came outside of the world of furniture, providing for an interesting collaboration proces and surprising results. 

The result was shown for the first time at1 the Milan Design Week 2016. Afterwards, Belgian Matters was shown in the Design Flanders Gallery during Design September. For Interieur, the presentation will be shown in its totality for the very last time in hall 1, booth 118. 

For Milan Design Week 2016, the organisations and institutions that support and promote Belgian design under the collective name Belgium is Design, have joined forces with the international contemporary culture magazine DAMN°. Taking part in the group event A Matter of Perception: Tradition & Technology at the Palazzo Litta, Belgian Matters features the results of pairings between 13 designers and companies, the latter often coming from sectors far removed from that of furniture design. Each project has been commissioned especially for the event and was seen for the first time during the Salone. 

The participants come from all three regions of Belgium (Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia). The partnerships have been forged and supported by Belgium is Design and present a series of ad-hoc products and prototypes that stress confrontations and commonalities between designers and manufacturers, as they work both with their fields of expertise but also outside their normal experiences. Designers use a range of materials (bluestone, leather and wood) or techniques (glass blowing, tapestry and tanning) with different degrees of familiarity. However, for the mix of manufacturers, artisans, industrial pro- ducers and research centres, it is often the first opportunity to experiment and encounter design as a collaborative act or in a way that expands and exploits the potential of their role beyond that of a supplier of materials or the tools of production.

What links these diverse approaches and mixed typologies (ac- cessories, small objects or furniture) is the emphasis on the creation of each project, the process of making and mutual learning, and the dialogue that has arisen out of these carefully crafted relationships

Ultimately it’s all about connections, from the content to the setting: this is Belgian design, made in Belgium, but decid- edly for the world and uninhibited by borders of experience. 


Participating designers + producers

Julien Carretero + Carrières de la Pierre Bleue belge

Maarten De Ceulaer + Alton

Frederik Delbart + Van Den Weghe

Damien Gernay + Delvaux

Kaspar Hamacher + Tannerie Radermecker

Christiane Högner & Thomas Lommée + OpenStructures

LeviSarha + Marcel Ziemons

Marie Mees & Cathérine Biasino + Van Caster

Muller Van Severen + valerie_objects & Alton

Julien Renault + Timbergroup

Ben Storms + Het Glazen Huis

Unfold + Materialise

Mathias van de Walle + Ralph Baggaley

DAMN° Magazine (Siegrid Demyttenaere)

Design Vlaanderen
WBDM (Wallonie-Bruxelles Design Mode)
BI&E (Brussels Invest & Export)

We'll be expecting you at Interieur from 14 until 23 October in hall 1 booth 118!

Ben Storms-Het Glazen Huis-copyright Julien Renault
Damien Gernay-Delvaux_copyright Julien Renault
Frederik Delbart-Van den Weghe_copyright Julien Renault
Julien Carretero-CarrieresPierreBleueBelge_copyright Julien Renault
Julien Renault-Timber Group_copyright Julien Renault
Kaspar Hamacher-Tannerie Radermecker_copyright Julien Renault
LeviSarha-Marcel Ziemons_copyright Julien Renault
Maarten De Ceulaer - Alton - copyright Maarten De Ceulaer
Marie Mees + Catherine Biasino-vanCaster_copyright Julien Renault
Mathias VandeWalle-Ralph Baggaley_copyright Julien Renault
Muller Van Severen-Valerie Objects by Alton_copyright Julien Renault
Thomas Lommée & Christiane Hoegner-Open Structures_copyright Julien Renault
Unfold-Materialise_copyright Julien Renault